• November 2020
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OHEA President’s Corner

Oak Hills Education Association

Brian Malavich – President
Heather Packer – Vice-President
Jeanna Linenkugel – Secretary
Gregory Rolfes – Treasurer
Rose Zix – Membership Chair

July 29th, 2019

Dear OHEA member,

Welcome back!  Summers go faster every year.  The executive leadership team wanted to reach out to you as we begin the 2019-2020 school year with some important pieces of information. OHEA would like to thank you for your continued membership. Being a member is an important way to show that you support the children in your classroom, your colleagues and your community.  

As you may be aware, we are in our third year of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (the contract). This is an important year for OHEA since we will be negotiating a new contract later this school year. We will be reaching out to you as we begin this process, but feel free to reach out to your building reps if you have any thoughts or concerns you would like to express. There is strength in numbers and the benefits are more than the membership costs. We need to continue to build membership to keep an active voice for all members. I encourage you to talk to your colleagues that are not members and let them know there is power in our voices.  If you are not currently a member, I invite you to join your fellow colleagues so your voice and knowledge can be heard.  

The association has worked closely with district administration over the last several years to correct or clarify concerns that members bring to their district reps.  One example of how your concerns are acted upon is during our monthly meeting when we meet with district administration to share our concerns and work together to find a common ground. As OHEA continues to emphasize priorities (teacher evaluations, testing schedules, special education, technology, parents and students), it is vital the association has a strong voice and continues to provide support for members and what is best for students in our community. 

You are automatically an OHEA member for the 2019-2020 school year if you were a member last year.  If you choose to withdraw your membership, you need to submit a written, signed letter (not email) to Rose Zix at Delhi Middle School by Friday, September 2, 2019.  Please see your building rep with any questions.

Elections for Winter and Spring Rep Assemblies will be on October 2, 3, and 4th. Officer and building rep election will be on April 22, 23 and 24th.


Brian Malavich  

OHEA President